From cheese portions to blocks, grated to soft, we stock the cheese you require. Do you want British, Greek, French, Italian or Dutch? We stock it all and can even obtain cheeses not listed.

British Cheese

Product Unit Size
Mature Cheddar5 kg
Mild Cheddar5 kg
Grated Mild Cheddar2 kg
Grated Mature Cheddar1 kg
Stilton2 kg
Stilton Wedge220 g
Mixed Cheese Portions40 x 20 g
Mild Cheddar Slices1 kg
Mature Cheddar Slices1 kg

Soft Cheese

ProductUnit Size
Full Fat Soft Cheese2 kg
Cottage Cheese2 kg
Philadelphia1.6 kg

Dutch Cheese

ProductUnit Size
Edam Ball2 kg
Mini Baby Bel6 x 20 g

French Cheese

ProductUnit Size
French Brie1 kg
Goats Log Chevre Buche1 kg
Camembert250 g

Greek Cheese

ProductUnit Size
Feta900 g
Halloumi250 g

Italian Cheese

ProductUnit Size
Mascarpone2 kg
Ricotta1.5 kg
Grated Mozzarella2 kg
Grana Padano2.4 kg
Mozzarella Balls in Whey125 g
Mozzarella Di Buffalo200 g
Bocconcini1 kg
Grated Parmesan1 kg
Mozzarella1 kg
Mozzarella Block2.3 kg
Bel Paese24 x 25 g
Dolcelatte1.5 kg
Gorgonzola1.5 kg