All of our fresh cream is produced in Pensworth’s own dairy using the freshest milk to create the best cream. All of our pack sizes can be produced in single, whipping and double formats.

Bulk Cream

ProductUnit Size
Double Cream4 pint
Single Cream4 pint
Whipping Cream4 pint
Double Cream22 litre
Single Cream22 litre
Whipping Cream22 litre

Cream Pots

ProductUnit Size
Single 250ml

Cream Products

ProductUnit Size
Creme Fraiche2 kg
Set Sourced Cream2 kg
Clotted Cream100 g
Clotted Cream454 g
Clotted Cream1 kg

UTH Cream

ProductUnit Size
Aerosol Cream500 g
Single Cream1 litre
Whipping Cream1 litre
UHT Cream Portions120 x 12 ml


ProductUnit Size
Buttermilk5 kg
Buttermilk1 litre